Piper Comanche Repair

piper comanche airplane repair

The Aircraft

Make: Piper

Model: PA24-250 Comanche

Year: 1962

Service(s) Provided: Major Structural Airframe Repair

The Project

N7920P was landed gear up here at Miami County Airport. We helped remove the airplane off the runway, and performed an inspection. Upon providing a repair estimate proposal, we were elected to perform the repairs. Repairs began with the removal of the wings, which allowed us to replace all the damaged belly skins, bulkheads, stringers and antennas. After all the sheet metal repairs were complete, the wings were re-installed. The engine was removed for a tear-down inspection, which was performed at an engine repair station. Once we received the engine back from the repair shop, it was re-installed with a new propeller. The airplane was coming to K81 for a paint job, when this unfortunate event happened. Aircraft Refinishing Company gave the old girl a fresh new look.

Removal of the wings is a necessary step in repairing the Piper Comanche, the “right way”. Without the removal of the wings, it is nearly impossible to gain access to all of the fasteners, and the belly skins must be spliced.

"After my gear up landing, Don and his staff did a great job of rebuilding my Comanche. The metal work was immaculate and the repair was done such that it is impossible to distinguish where the old starts and the new begins. Stellar rebuild, all around."

Mark Zeiler | Owner