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Aircraft Retrieval, Propeller Balancing, Rigging, and More

Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. also specializes in other services that are necessary with an aircraft repair. From beginning to end, we can accomplish all the steps needed to get you back in the air.

Other Services We Offer Include:


Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. has the ability to retrieve and transport aircraft to our facility for storage or repair. We have the equipment and experience to safely retrieve aircraft and transport aircraft. We can travel nationwide to ready an aircraft for a ferry flight, or to disassemble and transport.

Flight Control Rigging

Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. has developed specialized tooling and skills to properly adjust flight control rigging to factory specs. All flight control travels, cable tensions, and indication is thoroughly inspected and secured. All flight control rigging is accomplished during most aircraft repairs, and we will offer this as a stand-alone service. After rigging is complete, we perform at least one operational check flight of the airplane to determine that all rigging is correct, and no wing heaviness is present.

Landing Gear Rigging

Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. has the ability to properly inspect and adjust landing gear operation and rigging. Correct operation of landing gear actuators, motors, pumps, switches, doors and indication is determined. All landing gear operation and rigging is checked during most aircraft repairs, we also offer this as a stand-alone service.

Propeller Dynamic Balancing

Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. has the specialized tooling and skills to perform dynamic static balancing of propellers. Propeller dynamic balancing can be performed during a repair or is offered as a stand-alone service.

STC Mods

Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. can install STC/Modifications for our customers. Including aileron/flap gap seals, cowling upgrades, and speed fairings, etc. This can take place during a repair or as a standalone service.

AD Compliance

Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. capabilities include completing requirements for AD compliance. These can be accomplished during repairs or as a standalone service.


Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. will provide maintenance for customers during repairs, including completing annual inspections.

Painting & Upholstery

Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. works closely with Aircraft Refinishing Company, located adjacent to our facility for all painting needs. Upholstery service is also available on-site, from SEANAE Interiors.


Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. keeps a large inventory of new surplus airframe parts, components and hardware.

Have a part or inventory to sell?

"Mike and I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the excellent work you did on our customer’s pressurized Baron. Thanks for your expertise. We were able to deliver the airplane to the happy new owner on time, and flying as straight as a new one. You professionally and correctly diagnosed what we thought was a serious problem, and offered suggestions that made sense. You had all the airplane’s issues resolved in record time, with costs being exactly aligned with your estimate."

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On-Site Painting Available

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