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Deason Aircraft Services, Inc. capabilities include the repair and rebuilding of aircraft components. We have designed and manufactured specialized wing and flight control fixtures designated for each aircraft make, model and type.

Our wing and flight control alignment fixtures are specially calibrated to hold correct factory alignments and washout. Each component is checked once it’s removed from the fixture to insure it meets factory specs. Primary flight control static balance is checked after painting is accomplished. We also maintain an extensive inventory of wing and flight control cores ready for repair and exchange to help keep your downtime to a minimum.

"Having done business with Deason Aircraft Services for over 25 years, you can be confident of the quality of work performed. I have sent customers who needed parts fabricated due to the fact that the factory could not deliver the parts needed for 120 days. A good example was a Piper Lance that the forward baggage door was damaged and the factory did not have the parts to repair the door. Deason was able to fabricate a new skin and other new parts and the owner was back flying in a short time. Anytime I have any metal repair job, Deason Aircraft is my first choice."

Charlie Fairbanks | Executive Aircraft Engines, Inc.

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