Cessna 182 Repair

cessna 182 landing gear repair

The Aircraft

Make: Cessna

Model: 182R Skylane

Year: 1981

Service(s) Provided: Major Structural Airframe Repair

The Project

N9821H was landing on the owner’s private strip, when the LH gear axle casting failed. After a review of pictures provided by his insurance company, a repair estimate was provided and we were elected to perform the repairs. A quick trip up to Iowa, a replacement LH main gear leg assembly, and a ferry permit allowed us to ferry the airplane to our facility. The propeller, engine and engine mount were removed. A new firewall, forward belly skin, and forward fuselage skins were installed, along with the replacement of the tunnel bulkheads, stringers and doublers. The gear-box was thoroughly inspected, and a new gearbox floor was installed. After a tear-down inspection at a repair station, the engine, engine mount and a replacement propeller were re-installed. The owner had us install a new JPI engine monitor, new seat rails and new wing tip lights during the repair process. Painting was accomplished by ARC.

We are happy to perform additional tasks during the repair process for our customers. It’s great to deliver an airplane back to its owner in not only a pre-accident condition, but with upgrades to alleviate the memory of a damaged airplane.

"I had no knowledge of, or even heard of Deason Aircraft Services when I needed to go looking for someone with the knowledge, skills and capabilities in doing what needed to be done to fix my airplane. In hindsight, I'm very appreciative and thankful for the person that brought them to my attention and recommended them. I've been involved in aviation for over 50 years, have owned multiple aircraft and by nature, I am obsessively particular. I can happily say I was very pleased with the quality, thoroughness, and professional competence of the work they delivered. There's not many like this around."

Darrell Downing | Owner